06/17/2010 Manchester concert photos
By François

Enjoy exclusive pictures from the outdoor gig yesterday at the Lancashire County Cricket Club in Manchester, from our photographer Danielle Millea, on this Flickr set.

More photos coming soon: we'll cover the two next stadium shows, in London Wembley on June 19, and at the Parc des Princes in Paris on June 26.
11/19/2009 Turin concert photos
By eliu

The Snoo aka Tré CoolTurin was the last stop of the European leg of the tour, and also for the opening band Prima Donna. Last concert is always special, and this time was no exception. Here are some good exclusive pictures I saved for, including a small video of The Snoo messing up on Prima Donna stage!
11/09/2009 Zürich concert photos
By François

Catherine Leutenegger was in the photo pit at the concert yesterday and brought us killer pictures! Check them out in this Flickr set.
11/02/2009 Manchester concert photos
By François

More excellent photos by Danielle Millea are available on this Flickr set. From the concert in Manchester - first night - on October 30.
10/27/2009 Sheffield concert photos
By François

Danielle Millea brought photos for us from the concert in Sheffield yesterday. See them on this Flickr set.
10/15/2009 Paris concert photos
By François

Greet Druyts took pictures from the photo pit at the concert in Paris on October 4. Look at them on this Flickr set, including some full-resolution images.
10/11/2009 Cologne concert photos
By François

Sven Weiler was at the concert in Cologne last Monday and took some really good pictures. Check them out in this Flickr set, including full-resolution images.
09/05/2009 Gimme Something Better
By François

Gimme Something BetterA new book with Green Day is coming out September 29. Gimme Something Better is about Bay Area punk rock, with lots of stuff about Green Day, including an interview with Billie Joe. Check it out. There is already an official website about the book with lots of extras:
06/23/2009 21st Century Breakdown Easter Eggs
By eliu

What's the common point between Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown, the Revolver album from The Beatles, and even Britney Spears' Baby One More Time? They all contain hidden backmasked messages! Backmasking is a recording technique in which a sound is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward.

This technique was first used in 1966 by The Beatles on their album Revolver. Other notable examples include Led Zeppelin whose Stairway to Heaven if played backward seems to talk about Satan, Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and The Rolling Stones. Green Day was missing on this list, but today we can add it!

06/19/2009 21 Guns CD Single
By François

The second single from 21st Century Breakdown is 21 Guns. A CD was already released, at least as a promo item for radio airplay. It's a 1 track CD-R from the UK with a shortened "Radio Edit" version of the song, length 4:37 versus 5:21 on the album.

Thus, almost a full minute was removed to make it fit in a radio-friendly song. First time I see such a cut in a Green Day radio edit, and I don't like it. It's like killing or censoring the song! In detail, the intro with strings is removed (17 sec), starting straight with a clean acoustic guitar. One chorus in the end is cut, as well as the repeated intro after the bridge.

Here are exclusive photos, click the thumbnails to enlarge! Thanks to n0name0 for them.

Green Day - 21 Guns - Front cover Green Day - 21 Guns - Inside Green Day - 21 Guns - CD

The 21 Guns music video premieres in two days, June 21, on Green Day's MySpace page.
05/13/2009 Paris concert photos

Green Day live in ParisSee exclusive pictures from the Paris showcase concert yesterday here.
05/12/2009 Cologne concert photos

Green Day live in CologneSee exclusive pictures from the Cologne showcase concert last Saturday here.
05/05/2009 More promo concerts

Green Day is kicking off a World tour on July, 3 in Seattle, WA, playing in big arenas. To promote the new album release on May 15, the band will however play a few more intimate shows before, starting tomorrow in Cologne, Germany. Here are the dates we know about so far:

May 06 : TV Total, in Pro7 TV studios, Cologne, Germany
May 07 : Kesselhaus, Berlin, Germany * doors 8:00pm, concert 9:00pm
May 09 : E-Werk, Cologne, Germany * doors 7:30pm, concert 9:00pm
May 11 : Canal + studios, Paris, France
May 12 : Secret location in Paris, France, for NRJ radio
May 20 : Secret location in New York, NY
04/25/2009 Secret concert on May 7 in Germany

Green Day is playing another club concert, this time in Germany, on May 7. Location still secret. No tickets will be for sale, you can only win them. Source: (in German).
04/17/2009 First single released

PRE-ORDER the Album and Get the Single NOWKnow Your Enemy, first single of the upcoming album 21st Century Breakdown, is out today. The song already received a lot of airplay, and is available on iTunes for $1.29 US.

Green Day played a total of four secret shows in the past ten days in the San Francisco Bay Area, always annouced a few hours beforehand. Photographer John Adams captured one of those small club concerts, and you can see amazing pictures on his Flickr stream.
04/09/2009 Surprise concert in San Francisco

Billie Joe reading his setlist sheetLike they did in July 2004 a few months before American Idiot came out, Green Day played on Tuesday a surprise concert, as a rehersal for the new album material. has a lot of photos, videos and other infos about the concert, so head over there if you haven't yet. Here, we'd like to publish full concert reviews. If you attended the show, please send it to gro.yadneerg@sweivertrecnoc. The best contributions will receive a little gift! South by SF already has a review on his blog.
04/06/2009 Know Your Enemy preview

Know Your Enemy coverThe first music video from 21st Century Breakdown is Know Your Enemy, and will be premiered on April 24th. You can already hear a 30 sec audio clip on Green Day's official site, direct link is here (MP3, 472 KB).
03/26/2009 New Green Day album

Green Day in Q magazineHe, he, a new Green Day album is coming very soon! And maybe time to give a rebirth to this site... Stay tuned.

21st Century Breakdown release date is set to May 15th, a Friday. The next months will see focused attention of the media on Green Day, which is nice! It's already starting now, with Q, the top-selling music magazine in the UK. It features Green Day on this month's cover. This issue of Q contains a world exclusive Green Day feature in which: "The socially conscious, politically aware punk rockers discuss the making of their new album, 21st Century Breakdown, the breakthrough success of the 13-million selling American Idiot, and their persistent refusal to conform to mainstream ideas. Q travels to Oakland, California to photograph the band at home, discuss the most important songs and albums of the 21st century, and, of course, cover the subjects of chaos, protest, and revolution." More at

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